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Clip Vidéo

Certains des clips sont disponibles sur la chaine youtube officielle de Sarah.

“Let’s Get Back To Bed Boy”
“French Kissing”
“From Sarah with Love”
“If U Were My Man”
“One Nite Stand (Of Wolves And Sheep)”
“Skin On Skin”
“He’s Unbelievable”
“Music Is The Key”
“Just One Last Dance” (featuring Natural)
“Living To Love You”
“From Zero To Hero”
“Christmas In My Heart”
“The Best Side Of Life”
“The Impossible Dream (The Quest)”
“Sexual Healing” featuring Ne-Yo
“Under My Skin” (1er août 2008)
“I’ll Kiss It Away” (7 novembre 2008)
“Taking Back My Love” featuring Enrique Iglesias (3 mars 2009)
“Cold As Ice” (8 octobre 2010)
“Real Love” (10 décembre 2010)

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